Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fig Tree Growth

Growing a fig tree is so easy. If you know somebody who has a fig tree, ask them to give you a branch of it during April as the tree starts to bloom. Take that branch and soak it in water for a couple of weeks until you see roots start to come out, then bury it in the ground. That is all to it. In picture number 1 on the right you see the branch after a week or so from planting it in the ground. You see that it started to have leaves. The picture number 2 shows the same branch after a couple more weeks as new leaves started to emerge.
Picture number 3 shows the same branch after six weeks or so when even more leaves came out and it started to grow in thickness as well. The last picture number 4 shows that branch after about six months. We were away for a couple of weeks and when we came back we were surprised to see the tree started to bear figs as you shown in the picture. That was quite a pleasant surprise as we did not expect to see any fruits this year. I am not sure if the fruits will be good enough quality to eat the first year but that remains to be seen. It seems that next year we should have tasty figs coming out of this tree which started as nothing but a leafless branch. I need to point out that no special preparation was made to the soil at all. We just planted that branch and later I used some compost that I prepare in the garden using old leaves and kitchen vegetable refuse. I also installed a sprinkler to the root of the tree so that I don't have to manually water it daily. Other than that the tree is low maintenance and quite easy to grow. Try it out and you will be pleased at the results as I did.

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