Monday, January 02, 2017

Fitness Tracker Advantage

I tried one of the fitness trackers out there and this one is the fitbit charger 2. It is not really that great and certainly one can do without it, but it has some advantages that made me keep it. First of all I am not going to wear it all the time as they recommend. I tried wearing it all the time for a couple of days just to get some statistics, and as you see in this picture it tells you what your activities were like how many steps you walked and how many stair flights you climbed, and your average heart beat rate and things like that. When I went biking I set it up to track my activity but the GPS signal was not strong enough so the results were not accurate at all as it missed a big chunk of my exercise. A good feature of it though is that it pairs with your cell phone and it vibrates when you get a call or a text message. You can find out who called you and can even read the text messages you receive. This is useful because when I am biking I can't reach my phone and the same is true when I am on the elliptical machine. Also it is useful to continuously monitor your heart beat rate during the exercise. It is good to know if you reached your maximum heart pulse rate and for how long etc. Therefore I decided to use it only during my exercise, like during weight lifting or aerobic exercise sessions, and of course during outdoor activities such as cycling or hiking.