Tuesday, March 24, 2009


There was a time when high quality audio systems were big, I mean big in size: High power audio amplifier to reproduce the sound transients with high fidelity, large speakers with deep woofers to better generate the bass notes, an equalizer to compensate for any distorted frequency components, and of course a low noise receiver for high fidelity reception of the FM radio waves. The whole system occupied a good portion of any room and you had to strategically sit in front of the speakers to receive the best sound waves for a pleasant stereo experience. That was up to the late eighties maybe, but since then audio systems have been shrinking in size and quality. Today it seems that the speaker has disappeared altogether and is replaced by the earphones. A teenager nowadays would often share his/her earphone with a peer to listen to the same iPod, and what kind of sound quality would you expect with the earphone in one of your ears and the other half of it in someone else's ear? It seems that quality is no longer important, and has been replaced by style or trend, it has been replaced by mobility.
Same goes for high quality video, now replaced with mobile tiny screen devices, telephones replaced with cell phones, and nice desktop stations replaced with tiny little laptops. It is the age of mobility, the world has become a small village, and it does not matter where you are anymore, everything is mobile, and this is the trait of this century. Is this better than how things used to be? There is definitely an advantage of being mobile, but to lose quality for the sake of mobility seems to be a drawback. Don't you agree?