Monday, May 28, 2012

Biking in Coronado

It was the Memorial Day weekend, and with an extra day to spare I decided to go biking in Coronado, which is an island off of San Diego. It is supposed to be one of the best ten beaches in the US, but it also has a very nice atmosphere and scenery. I carried my bike by car and drove from where we live in Vista to Coronado, about a good 55 minutes drive. I parked right on the beach (Ocean Blvd), and rode the bike to the trail on Silver Strand Blvd. which goes all all the way south to Chula Vista as you can see in the RunKeeper map. The ride was fantastic and the scenery was beautiful. Needless to say the weather was perfect for biking, with beaches on both sides of the road. I envy the owners of those houses along that road, because they have the ocean view on one side and the San Diego Bay on the other, with a span of less than a mile. By the time I reached the Southern-most point of the trail I was less than four miles away from the border of Mexico as you can tell from the map.
I stopped to take some photos along the way, and there was a nice guy taking photos with his family on the same spot who offered to take a picture of me, so I appreciatively let him use my iPhone camera to do that, but unfortunately he let his finger block part of my iPhone's lens as you may notice in the picture. Anyway, you can see the San Diego-Coronado bridge behind me in that picture - never mind that I was giving my back to the camera, because the nice guy inadvertently pressed the camera button before I had time to pose properly for the photo. It was definitely worth the trip and biking there. I would do it again when I get a chance, perhaps in 4th of July or something.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Carlsbad Bike Ride

It was ten miles from home in Vista to the beach in Carlsbad Village. Going there I took Melrose Rd to Palomar Airport Rd to Carlsbad Blvd. On the way back I took Tamarack to El Camino Real to Faraday Ave to Melrose Rd. Each way took about one hour. The beach was wonderful as seen in the picture. The bike lane is next to the cars lanes so it was a bit scary. The roads are not flat at all. I did not mind going up hill but down hill is more difficult and dangerous. Overall the trip is quite enjoyable and the best reward of course is the beach itself, but along the road there are wonderful scenes as well. No doubt the weather is fantastic, just like the mediterranean climate. It reminds me of Egypt's North Coast.