Sunday, December 10, 2017

Trotting at the Oceanside Turkey Trot

I ran the 5k Oceanside Turkey Trot race and here is a picture that was taken of me at the finish line. Hooray! I ran the 5k in about 39 minutes. I really enjoyed it because the weather was perfect and it was nice running in Oceanside streets and then finishing at coast all the way to the pier. It was great. I should do this every year if I can. There were about nine thousand people running in total, about three thousand of them ran the 10k race and the rest ran the 5k race. Compared to the Double Peak race I would say this one is the better one. The crowd was much larger and the venue much better. There were people from different states as well as from other countries as well. That is how famous this race is. I saw people from Canada as well. I guess people come here because of the nice weather at this time of the year whereas they have snow at home.