Sunday, September 09, 2012

Hiking in Ponto Park

Ponto park is located in Carlsbad southern beach area. The park itself has camping ground where folks could camp right by the beach there. It has a long trail along the beach where you could hike for miles. At low tide the beach area is easy to walk on where you would see all sorts of shells and other treasures that come from the sea littering the white sands. At high tide the beach area might get impassable and you would be forced to walk on the bluff next to the beach instead. From the north entrance gate you could walk for about 1.7 miles to the lagoon area and then turn back. At the lagoon you could see the waves coming from the deep green sea water around it and splashing several feet high up as they hit the giant rocks. The picture here is about midway between the entrance gate and the lagoon.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Surfing in Labor Day

It is Labor Day long weekend and this is my first surfing experience. The weather was nice and warm. Yesterday we experienced a light earthquake at night around midnight. The bed was shaking a little bit, but nothing serious. I would not have noticed if they did not wake me up to tell me about it. I went back to sleep right after saying: "wow! An earthquake!". In any case, the waves condition today were not that great. It was rather windy and the waves were breaking in often rather than going smoothly for a while before they break, therefore not giving a good chance for the surfers to enjoy a long surf at each wave peak. They forecast the same windy conditions at the coast for the whole weekend so we might not get favorable surf conditions until next weekend. O well, there is nothing we can do about weather. As I said this is a new experience for me and will take a while before I can learn it properly and really enjoy it. I can see the potential fun in it, but it is not easy and needs good practice before one can really get the hang of it. Take it from a beginner.