Sunday, August 17, 2014

Life is a Beach

Sitting on the beach in Carlsbad in a warm August day soaking the sun and inhaling the fresh sea breeze coming from the ocean couldn't be better, and life is a beach. Watching the sunset is also a nice thing to do by the beach in Carlsbad. You see the sun turn into an orange disk that slowly disappears behind the horizon as if sinking into the sea, leaving behind a fiery red dusk band streaked with purple and cloud white lines that last for an hour or so before night falls and it becomes officially dark with only the moon and stars lighting the sky after that. This is when a bon fire creates a wonderful atmosphere if you have a group of people gathered around it chatting and roasting marshmallows or hotdogs. Watching the fire yellow and orange strands randomly dance creating their magical effect in the dark causes you to reflect and get absorbed in self meditation and you forget all your immediate concerns and delve into a much deeper and far away issues that you normally don't think about except in such atmosphere that takes you away on a magic carpet ride like Steppenwolf says. I know this is a bit dreamy but that is how I feel sitting on the beach in Carlsbad and that is why for me life is a beach.