Monday, May 13, 2013

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego zoo is one of the nice ones I have seen, and actually has a Panda in it. It has all the other usual animals like giraffes, hippos, elephants, lions, tigers, camels, zebras, monkeys, various aviaries, reptile house, insects, petting area, and so on. Last time we enjoyed watching the hippo walking under the water. It is quite an interesting animal, and one of the most aggressive ones. The hippo is a herbivore and there is a symbiotic relation between it and certain kinds of fishes who cleans its teeth and also eat its feces. The hippo has to surface above the water every five minutes to breathe, and this happens automatically, even if it is sleeping. The Panda eats only one food, bamboo shoots. What an interesting food to eat. It must have very strong jaws to eat such a woody meal every day.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Hiking in Carlsbad

In my quest to find new trails for hiking I went to Carlsbad which has some of the most beautiful scenes in Southern California. I thought there were bound to be some nice trails there, and I was right. If one merely walks up the streets there it is so beautiful with up and down hills that are as good as any trail one would wish for. Look at the scene in this picture, it was taken near the intersection of Palomar Airport Drive and El Fuerte Rd. The hike took about one hour, which is a very nice walk and exercise. As for the weather, it is the most beautiful weather in the world, similar to the Mediterranean weather, but even better. If you want to enjoy beautiful scenery and weather, go to Carlsbad and walk.