Sunday, February 10, 2013

Elfin Park Hike

Today we went hiking in Elfin Forest park. I was with a group of youth and a few adults (parents) like myself. The trail started at the bottom of the mountain, and it went up gradually all the way to the top. It was not easy but not too hard either. It took 35 minutes to climb up to the top where there was a beautiful scene of a lake and surrounding mountains. We could see the city of Escondido from far away. Beautiful scenery. There was a light drizzle as we were hiking, and it did not stop till we were done, but still it was fun and we all enjoyed it quite a lot. The altitude at the bottom is about 530 ft. At the top it is about 1200 ft. So we climbed about 750 ft. in 35 minutes. Not bad. Of course coming down was not that easy either. Actually it is more difficult that climbing up. We could see bikers going up and down with mountain bikes as well. Man, that is painful, especially coming down, hoooo weeee! The address of this place is 8833 Harmony Grove Rd., Escondido, CA. Check out on Google. It is cool.