Sunday, August 08, 2010

With the Amish

In Kalona, Iowa there reside the Amish, a community of people who live in Medieval conditions without electricity or cars or phones, or any of the modern aspects of life. They live like that by choice. They still use horse buggies to move around and to carry their heavy loads, and they use Medieval methods in agriculture without any machinery or electrical appliances. Their youth go to school, but it is a different kind of school, not the public type, and by the age of sixteen they are married and have children.
People from the city like to go there and spend a day buying form their organic produce and meats. Everything there is cheaper, but you have to pick the produce yourself and you can if you like slaughter your own cow or chickens or goats or lambs then let them clean and cut it for you. You can also get fresh milk and fruits. Everything from there tastes better because they don't use any pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Now that is real organic.