Monday, February 17, 2014

February Surfing

Surfing in San Diego area is for any time. In February the temperature is in the seventies (F) and sunny. The water temperature is about 60F. Not that bad. Equipped with a wetsuit one can always surf here without any problem. The waves were in the order of 2-3 ft today in Carlsbad. After surfing it was lunch time at Coyote's. Chipotle chicken tasted great, and the tortilla sauce was superb. After that walking a little in the Carlsbad Village was a nice constitutional after lunch. Finally it was time to go back home. The car was parked in State Ave next to the train station. Driving back home took about 20 minutes.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Up Mission Trails' Kwaay Paay Peak

I visited Mission Trails again, and this time I went to the Kumeyaay Campground area. There I found more trails to climb around. This one is Kwaay Paay peak in the climbers' loop area. Obviously these are all Indian names from the time when Father Junipero went on his mission to that area, thus the name Mission Trails. The climb was mild and relatively easy except near the top when the trail got steeper and rockier. The scene from above is nice as usual and quite rewarding. One thing that is plaguing me these days is this eczema that I developed in some areas of my skin. Welcome to the dry and harsh weather of San Diego. I would have thought the humidity here is not as bad, compared to Phoenix for example, but still it is bad enough, and coupled with my age eczema simply developed. Eczema has no cure, but is theoretically manageable although mine has not been managed to my satisfaction yet. They tell me I have to keep moisturizing my skin all the time especially after baths. I am doing what I can.