Sunday, June 12, 2011

Waterloo Waterloo

I always wanted to bike in the Waterloo trail, and last Saturday this wish came true. We had to go there for a conference, so I carried my bike with me and I set out on the Evansdale trail heading south to LaPoint as I wanted to do. But for some reason I could not easily find the trail heading south, so I headed north instead which took me to downtown Waterloo, where I took this picture you see here. Unfortunately I had a little accident on my way back. Here is how it happened: There was a rope hanging low between two far apart trees. The first time I passed I saw it clearly, so I ducked my head and I went by without any problem. But on my way back I did not see it, and you can guess what happened. Well, since I did not see it, I did not duck this time, and therefore it got caught on my neck, just above my throat. It took me a few seconds before I realized I was being chocked, and soon after I made that realization I held the rope with both hands to ease the pressure on my neck, or my throat rather. Obviously having let go of the bike handle, the bike ran freely from under me, and I found myself hitting the ground with full force on my back, while the back of my head banged the ground and then bounced back up. I am glad I was wearing my helmet because that absorbed most of the impact and saved my head from serious injury. Fortunately the ground was grass and not hard asphalt which also helped saving me. Right after the fall I waited a couple of seconds to see if I was going to faint or if any organ in my body hurt badly, but luckily I felt OK and I was able to get up quickly. I tested my memory and my sense of consciousness and I found myself awake and sound, so I continued biking back to where I left the car and went home.
Other than at little mishap the ride was fun and the scenes were good.
I must be careful when biking in unknown territory again, for I won't always get this lucky.
Man how fragile the human being is.