Saturday, May 10, 2014

Walking the Cove

The La Jolla Cove reminds me of Cleopatra's Bath in Marsa Matrouh, Egypt. It has similar rocks and rich organic life in its shores but La Jolla Cove has sea lions and seals scattered all over, and that you don't see in Marsa Matrouh. Walking along the cove is really nice, and the weather is usually cooler along that area than San Diego proper. They say the water also is cooler but I haven't tried it out. We saw kayakers and snorkelers along the beaches and also regular swimmers in spite of the cool water. A walk along the cove takes about one hour and the scenery is marvelous from anywhere you stand. Fresh breeze and clean air brushes your face and body giving you a refreshing feeling as you walk. We saw an artist selling his wonderful paintings of the seagulls and surrounding old buildings. The colors were vividly beautiful and if I had the money I would have loved to buy a few of them to hang them on the wall. I loved looking at them. I am sure you could haggle the price but I was not in the mood. I am sure there are lot of rich people living in that area who can afford paying the price without haggling. I saw nice convertibles and expensive cars all over. No wonder for the houses there are multi-million dollar homes for the rich and exclusive.