Saturday, August 31, 2013

La Jolla glider field

We went to La Jolla by scenic drive and discovered this glider field where you could fly either alone or with a trainer. The valley underneath is by the beach and the wind really blows lifting the gliders to fantastic heights. We saw them gliding across for miles and miles. Such a wonderful experience I guess, and I would like to try it some day. I will look more into it because one is supposed to get some sort of license to do that and some membership. We also wanted to explore the beach below, so we went down all the way which took us at least 10 minutes, and to our surprise we found people totally nude down there. There was no sign indicating that was a nude beach, but I bet you authorities don't bother going down there to check. Of course after the first shock we scrambled back to the path up which took us another fifteen minutes to get out of that nude niche of an isolated "private" beach. So if you want to try gliding beware of the downhill beach below.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunset Cliffs by Point Loma

Sunset Cliffs national park is at Point Loma, San Diego. What is the significance of Point Loma? It is landing place of the first European expedition in California and therefore it is considered the starting point of where California began. The cliffs are breathtaking as you can see from the picture. A nice trail goes along the cliffs but you have to be careful as many parts of them are unstable and dangerous. At one of the cliffs I saw teenagers jumping from a height of several tens of feet down to the sea, which is quite daring. I almost wanted to do the same but then I remembered I am no longer in my teens. Anyway, it is a nice hike and I would do it again if it wasn't that far and the traffic can get really bad in that area.