Thursday, June 21, 2018

Prone to a drone

I got a Mavic Pro drone for father's day. Honestly I always wanted that drone but its price tag made me keep postponing buying it, until this last father's day when it came to me as a gift. My son bought it for me without hesitation. Good thing he could afford it but for me I would rather he used the money for something he needed instead. Anyway he said that was the point of a gift, to buy me something I would not otherwise have bought for myself. I said thanks a million but don't do it again, next time give me something symbolic, to which he replied: don't worry next time I will give you time I spend with you. I said: deal. Anyway, the drone takes great pictures as you see here of our house from above. But its great feature is that it takes fantastic 4k HD video. I couldn't believe how crystal clear the video footage was. I flew it way high up in the sky that I lost sight of it, and it captured the hill in front of our house from above at a height of 400 ft. It hovers in its place when you let it, and its stabilizer takes incredibly sharp pictures and video. I guess I will have many hours for years to come playing with this toy. I am yet to explore its many features, like tracking and following gestures and many other. Stay tuned.